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This is an enhanced version of the aura import mechanism. By providing a link to a pack (for example, the clicker for the crypto-game Blum), you can start receiving update notifications as soon as the author releases a new version. Additionally, there is an integrated system for "merging" your settings with the author's pack settings (details below).

The essence of this mechanism is to make it easier and more convenient for authors to distribute updated versions of aura packs, and for users to update them. In the foreseeable future, pack settings will also include the ability to specify the program version recommended by the author, and the update mechanism will be able to download and install it. Telegram


Currently, only those who initially published the pack can update it. There is an ownership mechanism which will allow you to have multiple people to "own" the pack, but it is not ready yet.

How to establish subscription to a pack of auras

In the current alpha, to establish subscription, you have to right-click on any folder and select Publish/Syncronize ![]( =x200)

Then just paste the link to a pack you'd want to subscribe to OR leave the field empty to create a new pack (export + subscribe) Publish/Synchronize window

Merging Settings

For example, you subscribed to an aura that activates a specified window when you press F4, which is a combination of the HotkeyIsActive trigger and the WinActivate action. In version 1, the author specified the hotkey F4 and the window name MyGame. You subscribed and downloaded this pack. However, F4 is inconvenient for you, so you decided to change it to F3. The author updates their pack and adds an additional action (which doesn't matter to us). You get a notification in the program that an update is available.

When you click the Update button, the merging mechanism will analyze what has changed. In this case, it will see the following: Local (your) changes: HotkeyIsActive: hotkey F4 changed to F3 Remote (author's) changes: new action added

These changes do not conflict, so the mechanism can create a unique intermediate version that includes both the author's changes (new action) and retains your changes (hotkey F3).

There could also be a situation where the author decides to change the hotkey as well (F4 => F2). In this case, the system will detect conflicting settings. Currently, the decision is always to prioritize the author's settings.

On the Changes tab, you can press the Download button at any time to see how your local settings differ from the current author's packā€”no changes will be made, this is purely a preview. Changes

Activity Log


  • [Scripting] Added new method ToScreenPoint, which can help to reduce amount of code you need to write to click on someting
  • [UI] Improvements in AuraTree - previously it stuttered a bit during removal of large folders
  • [UI]
  • [UI] Fixed crash which happened when login server was not available during login procedure
  • [UI] Fixed bug which crashed Event Viewer
  • [UI] Fixed a crash which occurred when something bad (like disconnect) happened while you were trying to login (error "Edit Form")