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revision #19 EyeAuras version1.4.7158.0
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1 week ago 7/17/2024 7:25:24 AM
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Application / Game Compatibility

THIS SCRIPT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE If someone asked you to pay for this - say him to g f himself.


Download portable version of EyeAuras with this pack preinstalled, unpack archive and run executable


DEMO (rev.18):

DEMO (rev.16):

  • rev.19 - reverted to the normal version
  • rev.18 - Pokras Lampas edition
  • rev.16 - re-trained neural network on 1k additional images to improve accuracy
  • rev.15 - added additional config for very-very low-tier machines without GPU called... BotSpeed.NoGpu
  • rev.14 - fixed memory leak (now script uses IWindowListProvider instead of IWindowSelector)
  • rev.13 - increased game start timeout to accomodate for virtual machines/emulators
  • rev.12 - added emulators support (Bluestacks, Nox, LDPlayer, etc)
  • rev.11 - improved activation/deactivation logic

Instructions 📝

  • Activate Blum window and press F1 (could be changed)
  • For the first game, you'll have to start it manually, for 2nd, 3rd, etc the bot will launch games automatically
  • Enjoy!


  • Can click in human-like way - see Human speed below. Enabled by default
  • Can play multiple games in a row with delays in-between games
  • Clicks only on those flowers which are in the middle part of the screen - just like humans do.
  • Only on Human speed Periodically explodes bombs (very rarely)
  • Only on Human speed Moves mouse without teleportation

Customization Options 🔧

There are 3 speeds - Human, Inhuman and Max. To change the speed you can modify this line of code in the script

BotSpeed DesiredBotSpeed { get; } = BotSpeed.Human;
  • Human - moves mouse without "teleportation", takes pauses between clicks, periodically will hit bombs, etc. On average, expected to score about 130-160 points.
  • Inhuman - clicks much-much faster, but with noticeable delays. Will score about 200 pts
  • Max - clicks as fast as it can, will score as many points as there will be flowers.

kudos to @linqse, author of original script

Human speed

Inhuman speed

Max speed

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