Latest version that is considered stable
v1.4.6819 12 weeks ago


Early version contains newest features and usually better performance but may be less stable
v1.4.7201 6 hours ago


2 months ago

Further website improvements

From now on, whenever you paste links to EyeAuras website ( or even to specific auras (, a small preview will be shown. This applies to most modern messengers - Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc.


Auras upload/download speed improvements

Whenever you export or import aura, small (JSON) and large (binary, images, models, etc) parts will be handled separately and downloaded from different locations. For you, as end user, this would mean that

  • Import preview will open up and work much faster for larger aura packs
  • Synchronization is more efficient - the program won't need to download the whole 100+mb aura pack to perform diff anymore
  • and, the most important but not implemented yet, it will allow to solve the problem with Aura Library opening for ages. These changes will come later this month.

This should be especially noticeable by users who are connected to EU Eye Hub. Eventually, I'll also add separate file hub to RU region as well. Settings


  • [UI] Fixed a crash which occurred when something bad (like disconnect) happened while you were trying to login (error "Edit Form")