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Automate any game or software!

EyeAuras is computer-vision and machine-learning powered clicker that can analyze anything that happens on the screen and perform actions such as mouse movement and keyboard presses on your behalf. It can also make sounds, send messages to Telegram and across the Internet and even execute C# scripts!
Application overview


The program can look at the screen and can search for pixels of a specific color, images, text and can even run your own Yolo AI-models that will do object detection, classification and even segmentation.
Your bot logic is powered by gaming industry-proven Behavior Trees which have been driving AI in games for more than a decade. And now you can make them serve your needs!



EyeAuras has dozens of different features, ranging from very simple to advanced such are cross-instance communication and C# scripting


More than a dozen of different Triggers which can track keyboard and mouse hotkeys, use Computer Vision and Neural Networks to detect things on the screen, read Telegram and Network messages, monitor windows state and even listen system output sounds


The app can press keys, move and click mouse buttons, send messages to Telegram and Network and play notifications. As a heavy hitter, you can execute custom C# code with NuGet packages support, bringing capabilities on a whole another level.

Behavior Trees

To wire Triggers and Actions together you can use mechanism of Behavior Trees which allows you to configure how exactly your bot will react to events tracked by Triggers. Flexible zero-code visual editor allows to quickly do changes and even share them with other users.


An alternative way of wiring Actions and Triggers is configuring OnEnter, WhileActive and OnExit Actions which will be executed as soon as one or multiple triggers enter or exit desired state. Useful for simple reactions like consuming HP potion.

Image Capture

Capture any game by using one of 6 methods with performance of up to 240 FPS. Everything is optimized for latency, meaning that your bot will "see" changes on the screen almost instanteneously.

Image Effects

Apply post-processing, such as color replacement, blur, dilute and erode to captured images in realtime to make image processing easier and more efficient. The difference is day and night with ML-models trained with and without effects.

Neural Networks

Use Ultralytics ONNX Yolo 8+ model to detect objects, classify them or run segmentation. Train new model yourself by using YoloEase - make you bot as smart as inhumanly possible!

Input Simulation

The program can simulate user inputs via one of 10 different simulation methods and the number is constantly growing - this ensures that there are no games or apps out there that can defend against all of them.


Relying on non-intrusive methods of interaction with applications to keep things safe and secure. On top of that, it uses multiple layers of encryption to protect itself from undesired eyes and yourself - from bans


Anything you do in the program could be easily shared with other users - just Export it and share the link. Other users will be able to Import it and start using aura pack straight away.

Aura Library

This is a place where you can look at community's creations and share your own. Do not hesitate to publish something useful and to look at someone else's scripts to learn something new!

C# Scripting

Built with scripting in mind - it leverages full on-the-fly compilation capabilities of the latest and greatest .NET Core, meaning that you can write entire programs which will be compiled and executed whenever needed. Triggers/Actions/Behavior Tree nodes - everything supports scripting. Use EyeAuras as a framework!

IDE Support

If you're looking for even more rich user experience, you can always export your scripts to a separate C# project and work on it in your IDE of choice - JetBrains Rider, MS Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code

Build your own user interface

Use C# and the full power of HTML, CSS and Blazor to develop custom user interfaces for your bot or pack of scripts right inside the program or in IDE. It can look and do whatever you like. Imagination is the only limit!

Extensive logging

With great power comes great responsibility. To make sure that user at any moment knows what is happening, application writes extensive logs to files and to separate window.

Disability Aid

EyeAuras can help you to play games even if some usual options are not available to you due to physical conditions. You can configure and use macros and other game helpers.

Pack as separate app

You can Pack your auras and ship it as a standalone application with all settings and configuration built into it. The feature is still in alpha phase, roadmap includes full independence from EyeAuras servers, separate licensing which YOU will be able to control and much more.


Stable Alpha
Version 1.4.6819 1.4.7201
Requirements Windows 10/11 x64, Administrative privileges
Updated 12 weeks ago 4 hours ago
Release Notes notes notes
File Size 547.104768 MB 520.344064 MB
Download stable Download alpha

Use for free or purchase a license - your choice!

The application is distributed Freemium model, meaning some of its features are available absolutely free and some could be purchased separately. There is no time limit even on free version and you can try out most of its functionality before making informed decision. Note that some features such as Network messaging require registration due to technical reasons even if you'll decide to stick with free version.
Free Pro
Number of concurrently running Auras 10 Unlimited
Network messages across multiple instances of EyeAuras No Yes
Custom Keyboard/Mouse input driver Partial Yes
Integration with Telegram No Yes
C# Trigger/Action size limitation 1000 chars Unlimited
Maximum size of Exported auras (average Aura size is ~5 KB if no images is included) 5 MB 100 MB


With some limitations such as number of concurrently running Auras/Trees

always active
1 month


Full access - computer vision, machine-learning, input simulation. All the good stuff!



Additional modules for specific games/environments can be purchased separately - e.g. Input Redirect for Lineage 2