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This is an enhanced version of the aura import mechanism. By providing a link to a pack (for example, the clicker for the crypto-game Blum), you can start receiving update notifications as soon as the author releases a new version. Additionally, there is an integrated system for "merging" your settings with the author's pack settings (details below).

The essence of this mechanism is to make it easier and more convenient for authors to distribute updated versions of aura packs, and for users to update them. In the foreseeable future, pack settings will also include the ability to specify the program version recommended by the author, and the update mechanism will be able to download and install it. Telegram


Currently, only those who initially published the pack can update it. There is an ownership mechanism which will allow you to have multiple people to "own" the pack, but it is not ready yet.

How to establish subscription to a pack of auras

In the current alpha, to establish subscription, you have to right-click on any folder and select Publish/Syncronize ![]( =x200)

Then just paste the link to a pack you'd want to subscribe to OR leave the field empty to create a new pack (export + subscribe) Publish/Synchronize window

Merging Settings

For example, you subscribed to an aura that activates a specified window when you press F4, which is a combination of the HotkeyIsActive trigger and the WinActivate action. In version 1, the author specified the hotkey F4 and the window name MyGame. You subscribed and downloaded this pack. However, F4 is inconvenient for you, so you decided to change it to F3. The author updates their pack and adds an additional action (which doesn't matter to us). You get a notification in the program that an update is available.

When you click the Update button, the merging mechanism will analyze what has changed. In this case, it will see the following: Local (your) changes: HotkeyIsActive: hotkey F4 changed to F3 Remote (author's) changes: new action added

These changes do not conflict, so the mechanism can create a unique intermediate version that includes both the author's changes (new action) and retains your changes (hotkey F3).

There could also be a situation where the author decides to change the hotkey as well (F4 => F2). In this case, the system will detect conflicting settings. Currently, the decision is always to prioritize the author's settings.

On the Changes tab, you can press the Download button at any time to see how your local settings differ from the current author's pack—no changes will be made, this is purely a preview. Changes

Activity Log


  • [Scripting] Added new method ToScreenPoint, which can help to reduce amount of code you need to write to click on someting
  • [UI] Improvements in AuraTree - previously it stuttered a bit during removal of large folders
  • [UI]
  • [UI] Fixed crash which happened when login server was not available during login procedure
  • [UI] Fixed bug which crashed Event Viewer
  • [UI] Fixed a crash which occurred when something bad (like disconnect) happened while you were trying to login (error "Edit Form")


one month ago

Further website improvements

From now on, whenever you paste links to EyeAuras website ( or even to specific auras (, a small preview will be shown. This applies to most modern messengers - Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc.


Auras upload/download speed improvements

Whenever you export or import aura, small (JSON) and large (binary, images, models, etc) parts will be handled separately and downloaded from different locations. For you, as end user, this would mean that

  • Import preview will open up and work much faster for larger aura packs
  • Synchronization is more efficient - the program won't need to download the whole 100+mb aura pack to perform diff anymore
  • and, the most important but not implemented yet, it will allow to solve the problem with Aura Library opening for ages. These changes will come later this month.

This should be especially noticeable by users who are connected to EU Eye Hub. Eventually, I'll also add separate file hub to RU region as well. Settings


  • [UI] Fixed a crash which occurred when something bad (like disconnect) happened while you were trying to login (error "Edit Form")


one month ago

New website

Done some face-lifting on EyeAuras website (and EU Mirror).

  • Actualized screenshots, added some videos, etc
  • Download section is not right there on the main page and you can see when it was released
  • Pricing details are also available from the get go This is not the final state, most work was done on the front page because it was looking and feeling really old. Next thing that I will be focusing on is Aura Library


  • [UI] Added masking to password-protected folders


one month ago


  • [Crash] Fixed crash which occured in some rare cases when user changed Settings related to Send Input #EA-373 by Godhunt
  • [Image/Color/ML Search] Fixed a problem with dissapearing Effects #EA-377 by linqse and Rowenor
  • [BehaviorTree] Added "Clear all variables" to Behavior Tree blackboard #EA-374 by linqse


one month ago

Bug reporting system improvements - added feedback

From now on, whenever you report a bug, you'll get an in-app notification that the report has been accepted with a tracking number attached to it (e.g. EA-368)

Also subsequent status updates will be also sent to you, when the bug will be fixed or taken into progress.

Hopefully, this improvement will make the process more efficient and transparent and will help us to build the better program together! :)


  • [Crash] Fixed a problem with Security Measure crashing the program under some circumstances
  • [UI] AuraTree - Fixed a problem with selection not always following user actions
  • [UI] AuraTree - Fixed a problem with the tree crashing sometimes


one month ago

In-app messages

Implemented notifications system - now each user has their own inbox and can browse it at any moment in the app. The primary use case for this right now will be to add feedback to your reports. You will be seeing when your bug report was closed, you'll see my comment, etc.




  • [BehaviorTree] Fixed the problem with middle-click selection
  • [SendSequence] Restore Mouse Position was not saved correctly


one month ago

Folder permissions (early alpha)

Due to the nature of scripts which are developed in EyeAuras, sometimes it is useful to restrict user from changing something in aura pack which you are distributing. This could be done to avoid potential misconfiguration or, in some cases, just to keep your mechanism internals secret.

Specifically for this folder permissions were introduced. They allow any logged-in user to set a specific requirements on a folder-level and the program will protect folder internals from external manipulations/eyes.

Right now, permission consists of 3 things:

  • Folder Owner: this is the person who assigned this permission in the first place. Until the permission is lifted, this user will have full right over the folder - he can do whatever he want with it, as well as lifting permissions
  • Folder Password: this is a way to temporarily elevate current user rights to those of Folder Owner. I.e. any user knowing that password can become Folder Owner until the folder is locked again OR the program is restarted.
  • Permission Level: this specifies what non-owners can do with the data in this folder - modify/view/run. More details here on Permission model page

Right now the primary way of setting permission level is via context menu

At the very top you can see current permission level and folder owner

If user does not have enough permissions he cannot see/edit content of such auras

New Aura Tree

In 6694 new Aura Tree was implemented using the new and more responsive UI technology. From now on it becomes the default one. Even at this point it is already more capable than the old version and has a great flexibility.

At this point I am expecting feature parity with an older Tree, meaning that(I hope), nothing was lost in transition. If I missed something - please report a bug or contact me in Discord directly.

There are few known minor bugs here and there, I'll work on them in the following weeks on a normal basis as they are not game breakers. Please send a report if you'll notice something strange.

P.S. Tooltips in this new tree are not the best, I'll work on them in one of the future versions

New Login/UserProfile Form (early versions)

Fully reworked how login form looks like - at this point you can see status of your current license (free/pro), total time left and in the nearest future there will also be a list of separately purchased modules/subscription. I'll publish more information about this mechanism later this summer. Basically, the idea is to allow users to trade scripts with each other.

Oh, and the warning that is shown when total number of auras exceeds limit set on Free accounts (which is 10) is now much more visible. Hopefully that will save users some nerve cells in the future - previously, if you forgot/did not prolongue the license and start up the program it was kinda tricky to figure out why scripts are not working. Now there will be a huge warning shown at the bottom of the tree AND those auras which are not active for technical reasons will be striked out.


  • [UI] New AuraTree
  • [UI] Fixed a problem with config encryption in private auras (partially, full fix will be done later)


2 months ago


  • [UI] Fixed crash which happened during some drag'n'drop operations
  • [UI] Fixed a problem with config encryption in private auras (partially, full fix will be done later)


2 months ago

Folder synchronization rework p.1

Folder sync(right click on a folder => Synchronize) is a basically an Import with a few more bells and whistles on top. The idea is that user will Subscribe to Published auras and will be able to get notifications and update to the latest version whenever new version of an aura is pushed by the author.

The initial implementation never gained enough speed to become wide-spread due to a lot of small and inconvenient "quirks". In the following few months the plan is to change that and, basically, make Folder Synchronization/Subscription a primary option for getting auras from external sources for both users and authors.

Few things that are going to be changed are:

  • automatic notification about updates, whenever author of aura pack will push an update, you'll see and be able to decide whether you want to apply it or not
  • improve import process - make it possible to actually see what you're going to import
  • import "merge" process of your local changes with remote changes - for example, if you've done some configuration after importing the pack and it does not conflict with latest changes done by author of aura pack, it makes to sense to lose your changes as a part of import
  • implement permission model - the plan is to allow authors to have a more flexible configuration over who sees what. Not everyone wants all their work to be public and that is fine
  • allowe authors to push patch notes along with the change p.s. this is the plan for the next quarter, not a week :)

I've decided to start this be rewriting folder sync UI - it should be more responsive, faster, etc. We're getting closer and closer to switching off the old parts of UI entirely, hopefully, by the end of 2024 it will be done.

Search improvement

There is one "hidden" feature in EyeAuras which was implemented years ago and still like 0.1% of users know about it. It is the search syntax.

It has 3 modes:

  1. Text search (default) - any text that you enters will be matched against path/name of auras/trees/folders.
  2. Regex - you can use regular expressions to find exactly those auras you're looking for.
  3. Extended search - this is the hidden feature I am talking about. By putting / symbol at the beginning of search string, you're entering a search mode, which, aside from the name, also scans through actions, triggers, overlays and even bindings, meaning that you can very quickly find specific set of auras, e.g.: /overlay : will find you all auras, which have at least one overlay in them /send seq : will find auras, that are responsible for sending inputs via Send Sequence action /hotkey : will find auras, that are listening for key presses with Hotkey Is Active trigger


  • [Behavior Trees] Fixed a problem with Run/Stop buttons not working correctly in some cases
  • [Behavior Trees] Fixed a problem with events being called on UI thread sometimes, leading to dead lock
  • [UI] Fixed a bug in File-based configuration system, which lead to data loss (yikes...) under some combination of conditions


2 months ago

Alternative Overlay style - Window

Overlays, that are rendered by the program for the last two years were borderless windows with transparent background, which is exactly what is needed when you just want to show some text or image on top of the screen.

But, considering that there is WebUI overlay in place, which allows you to write any possible kind of user interface you can only imagine, it was time to make it possible to show overlay as a usual window, from which you can expect that it is resizable, has its own icon, etc. Basically, exactly how you work with window in usual program.

That is why there is a new section called Window Settings in WebUI overlay (and few other, but this is the most important one). There you can switch between Overlay (old/current option) and Window, which will change visual style of an overlay. Also the nature of Overlay is that, by design, it will always be on top, which is not always a desired behavior for usual windows. Window changes this and makes it possible to create minimizeable windows.

Let's take, for example, one of UIs from examples pack, available at

As Overlay

Here is how it would look like if Window is enabled

As Window

Pack-as-executable - soon!

It was always the intent to make it possible to pack your own personal set of auras/scripts and ship to other users, free or paid. Right now I am working on a new functionality, which will allow to create a copy of a program with a bunch of scripts embedded into the program. This could be then zipped/distributed via any means, making it very easily to ship a ready-to-run product to your users. This will save a lot of headache of the initial setup as configuration and initial auras pack will be already embedded into the program, so the user won't have to deal with downloading auras, doing configuration, etc.

This will be done by a new button Pack, that will support different presets and options affecting how exactly the app will be re-built. The initial version is basically the EyeAuras itself + configuration, but at some point there will definitely be other options - e.g. it will be possible to exclude some "shady" modules like Send Input from the program, making it actually totally legit, this could be important if you're developing some program which leverages computer vision and overlays, but does not need automation.

A bunch of new options in Settings

  • Safe Mode: when the program crashes, on the next startup EyeAuras asks you whether you would like to start in Safe Mode - the intent was that this option disables most of EyeAuras features and allows you to remove/change some elements, which could potentially lead to crashes. Fortunately, there were months since last such report, but the presence of this option definitely helps. Since this feature was introduced, behaviour was to ask user if something happened. For some users this was too cumbersome, especially if you're dealing with something like electricity outage on 30 PCs. Specially for them, now it is possible to permanently enable/disable Safe Mode.
  • Show In Taskbar / Show in Tray: these two new options control whether to show EyeAuras in taskbar/tray. Basically, this is a prerequisite for packaging functionality, but someone may find it useful even during normal operation



  • [Crash] Fixed a problem in BufferedItemsProcessor which lead to crashes
  • [AuraIsActive] Broken links are now correctly ignored and do not affect final results. Also they will have a special indication in UI