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3 months ago

Alternative Overlay style - Window

Overlays, that are rendered by the program for the last two years were borderless windows with transparent background, which is exactly what is needed when you just want to show some text or image on top of the screen.

But, considering that there is WebUI overlay in place, which allows you to write any possible kind of user interface you can only imagine, it was time to make it possible to show overlay as a usual window, from which you can expect that it is resizable, has its own icon, etc. Basically, exactly how you work with window in usual program.

That is why there is a new section called Window Settings in WebUI overlay (and few other, but this is the most important one). There you can switch between Overlay (old/current option) and Window, which will change visual style of an overlay. Also the nature of Overlay is that, by design, it will always be on top, which is not always a desired behavior for usual windows. Window changes this and makes it possible to create minimizeable windows.

Let's take, for example, one of UIs from examples pack, available at

As Overlay

Here is how it would look like if Window is enabled

As Window

Pack-as-executable - soon!

It was always the intent to make it possible to pack your own personal set of auras/scripts and ship to other users, free or paid. Right now I am working on a new functionality, which will allow to create a copy of a program with a bunch of scripts embedded into the program. This could be then zipped/distributed via any means, making it very easily to ship a ready-to-run product to your users. This will save a lot of headache of the initial setup as configuration and initial auras pack will be already embedded into the program, so the user won't have to deal with downloading auras, doing configuration, etc.

This will be done by a new button Pack, that will support different presets and options affecting how exactly the app will be re-built. The initial version is basically the EyeAuras itself + configuration, but at some point there will definitely be other options - e.g. it will be possible to exclude some "shady" modules like Send Input from the program, making it actually totally legit, this could be important if you're developing some program which leverages computer vision and overlays, but does not need automation.

A bunch of new options in Settings

  • Safe Mode: when the program crashes, on the next startup EyeAuras asks you whether you would like to start in Safe Mode - the intent was that this option disables most of EyeAuras features and allows you to remove/change some elements, which could potentially lead to crashes. Fortunately, there were months since last such report, but the presence of this option definitely helps. Since this feature was introduced, behaviour was to ask user if something happened. For some users this was too cumbersome, especially if you're dealing with something like electricity outage on 30 PCs. Specially for them, now it is possible to permanently enable/disable Safe Mode.
  • Show In Taskbar / Show in Tray: these two new options control whether to show EyeAuras in taskbar/tray. Basically, this is a prerequisite for packaging functionality, but someone may find it useful even during normal operation



  • [Crash] Fixed a problem in BufferedItemsProcessor which lead to crashes
  • [AuraIsActive] Broken links are now correctly ignored and do not affect final results. Also they will have a special indication in UI