Latest version that is considered stable
v1.4.6819 12 weeks ago


Early version contains newest features and usually better performance but may be less stable
v1.4.7201 5 hours ago


15 days ago

Behavior Tree UI changes

  • Made the panel with nodes collapsible + changed how nodes look (they take much less space now)
  • Fixed problems with some nodes icons not being shown properly
  • Improved UX when operating with many(>3) BTs simultaneously

Added "About" aka Credits

EyeAuras includes almost two hundreds of libraries covering different parts of its functionality and I want to give credits to authors. About


  • [Crash] Safer overlay toggling #EA-451 by n1katio
  • [TimerTrigger] Fixed trigger not activating properly
  • [Pack] Added two new options in packing - now you can bundle your personal config
  • [Crash] Fixed crash in PropertyEditor #EA-454 y madscream
  • [Crash] Changed initialization routine #EA-453 by dutiful6005