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v1.4.6819 7 weeks ago


Early version contains newest features and usually better performance but may be less stable
v1.4.7008 47 minutes ago


one month ago

Bug reporting system improvements - added feedback

From now on, whenever you report a bug, you'll get an in-app notification that the report has been accepted with a tracking number attached to it (e.g. EA-368)

Also subsequent status updates will be also sent to you, when the bug will be fixed or taken into progress.

Hopefully, this improvement will make the process more efficient and transparent and will help us to build the better program together! :)


  • [Crash] Fixed a problem with Security Measure crashing the program under some circumstances
  • [UI] AuraTree - Fixed a problem with selection not always following user actions
  • [UI] AuraTree - Fixed a problem with the tree crashing sometimes