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3 months ago

Folder permissions (early alpha)

Due to the nature of scripts which are developed in EyeAuras, sometimes it is useful to restrict user from changing something in aura pack which you are distributing. This could be done to avoid potential misconfiguration or, in some cases, just to keep your mechanism internals secret.

Specifically for this folder permissions were introduced. They allow any logged-in user to set a specific requirements on a folder-level and the program will protect folder internals from external manipulations/eyes.

Right now, permission consists of 3 things:

  • Folder Owner: this is the person who assigned this permission in the first place. Until the permission is lifted, this user will have full right over the folder - he can do whatever he want with it, as well as lifting permissions
  • Folder Password: this is a way to temporarily elevate current user rights to those of Folder Owner. I.e. any user knowing that password can become Folder Owner until the folder is locked again OR the program is restarted.
  • Permission Level: this specifies what non-owners can do with the data in this folder - modify/view/run. More details here on Permission model page

Right now the primary way of setting permission level is via context menu

At the very top you can see current permission level and folder owner

If user does not have enough permissions he cannot see/edit content of such auras

New Aura Tree

In 6694 new Aura Tree was implemented using the new and more responsive UI technology. From now on it becomes the default one. Even at this point it is already more capable than the old version and has a great flexibility.

At this point I am expecting feature parity with an older Tree, meaning that(I hope), nothing was lost in transition. If I missed something - please report a bug or contact me in Discord directly.

There are few known minor bugs here and there, I'll work on them in the following weeks on a normal basis as they are not game breakers. Please send a report if you'll notice something strange.

P.S. Tooltips in this new tree are not the best, I'll work on them in one of the future versions

New Login/UserProfile Form (early versions)

Fully reworked how login form looks like - at this point you can see status of your current license (free/pro), total time left and in the nearest future there will also be a list of separately purchased modules/subscription. I'll publish more information about this mechanism later this summer. Basically, the idea is to allow users to trade scripts with each other.

Oh, and the warning that is shown when total number of auras exceeds limit set on Free accounts (which is 10) is now much more visible. Hopefully that will save users some nerve cells in the future - previously, if you forgot/did not prolongue the license and start up the program it was kinda tricky to figure out why scripts are not working. Now there will be a huge warning shown at the bottom of the tree AND those auras which are not active for technical reasons will be striked out.


  • [UI] New AuraTree
  • [UI] Fixed a problem with config encryption in private auras (partially, full fix will be done later)