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3 months ago

Folder synchronization rework p.1

Folder sync(right click on a folder => Synchronize) is a basically an Import with a few more bells and whistles on top. The idea is that user will Subscribe to Published auras and will be able to get notifications and update to the latest version whenever new version of an aura is pushed by the author.

The initial implementation never gained enough speed to become wide-spread due to a lot of small and inconvenient "quirks". In the following few months the plan is to change that and, basically, make Folder Synchronization/Subscription a primary option for getting auras from external sources for both users and authors.

Few things that are going to be changed are:

  • automatic notification about updates, whenever author of aura pack will push an update, you'll see and be able to decide whether you want to apply it or not
  • improve import process - make it possible to actually see what you're going to import
  • import "merge" process of your local changes with remote changes - for example, if you've done some configuration after importing the pack and it does not conflict with latest changes done by author of aura pack, it makes to sense to lose your changes as a part of import
  • implement permission model - the plan is to allow authors to have a more flexible configuration over who sees what. Not everyone wants all their work to be public and that is fine
  • allowe authors to push patch notes along with the change p.s. this is the plan for the next quarter, not a week :)

I've decided to start this be rewriting folder sync UI - it should be more responsive, faster, etc. We're getting closer and closer to switching off the old parts of UI entirely, hopefully, by the end of 2024 it will be done.

Search improvement

There is one "hidden" feature in EyeAuras which was implemented years ago and still like 0.1% of users know about it. It is the search syntax.

It has 3 modes:

  1. Text search (default) - any text that you enters will be matched against path/name of auras/trees/folders.
  2. Regex - you can use regular expressions to find exactly those auras you're looking for.
  3. Extended search - this is the hidden feature I am talking about. By putting / symbol at the beginning of search string, you're entering a search mode, which, aside from the name, also scans through actions, triggers, overlays and even bindings, meaning that you can very quickly find specific set of auras, e.g.: /overlay : will find you all auras, which have at least one overlay in them /send seq : will find auras, that are responsible for sending inputs via Send Sequence action /hotkey : will find auras, that are listening for key presses with Hotkey Is Active trigger


  • [Behavior Trees] Fixed a problem with Run/Stop buttons not working correctly in some cases
  • [Behavior Trees] Fixed a problem with events being called on UI thread sometimes, leading to dead lock
  • [UI] Fixed a bug in File-based configuration system, which lead to data loss (yikes...) under some combination of conditions